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SUNBRIGHT® CS, GS, AS, PS, HS and TS Series (NHS active esters/Carbonate)

We supply five types of monomethoxy-NHS activated ester/carbonate-PEGs that differ in terms of the NHS carboxylate attachment chemistry. The reactivity order of these linkers in aqueous solution from lowest to highest is HS<TS<GS<CS<AS. After PEGylation, CS and GS types possessing ester groups are relatively susceptible to hydrolysis, whereas AS, TS and HS types are resistant to hydrolysis because of their different chemical structures. Therefore, our customers can select the appropriate type according to the purposes among the five types available.


Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 2,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 2,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)3COO-NHS, Mw 5,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)5COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000

Methoxy-PEG-COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 10,000  &nbsp

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 10,000  &nbsp *make-to-order

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)3COO-NHS, Mw 10,000  &nbsp

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)5COO-NHS, Mw 10,000