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1. Mono-functional Linear PEGs

The mono-functional SUNBRIGHT® series comprising highly purified methoxy PEG as the starting material hardly contains bifunctional PEG derived from diol impurities. Accordingly, bridging reactions (sidereaction) which pose an obstacle to PEGylation can be completely prevented.


Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 2,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 2,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-NH2, Mw 2,000 &nbsp

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)3NHCO(CH2)2-MAL, Mw 2,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-SH, Mw 2,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-CHO, Mw 5,000

Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-NH2, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)3COO-NHS, Mw 5,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)5COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)3NHCO(CH2)2-MAL, Mw 5,000