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1. Mono-functional Linear PEGs

The mono-functional SUNBRIGHT® Series comprising highly purified methoxy PEG as the starting material hardly contains bif-unctional PEG derived from diol impurities. Accordingly, bridging reactions (sidereaction) which pose an obstacle to PEGylation can be completely prevented.


Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 2,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 2,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-NH2, Mw 2,000 &nbsp

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)3NHCO(CH2)2-MAL, Mw 2,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-SH, Mw 2,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-CHO, Mw 5,000

Methoxy-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)2-NH2, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-CO(CH2)3COO-NHS, Mw 5,000

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)5COO-NHS, Mw 5,000   

Methoxy-PEG-(CH2)3NHCO(CH2)2-MAL, Mw 5,000