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7. Single Molecule PEGs PUREBRIGHT® Series

We have the technology to synthesize PEG molecules with a specific number of ethylene oxide units, providing a highly pure product that has a single molecular weight and length. The purity of our products come from purification techniques that we have accumulated from the development of various PEGs.      

 In addition, we can supply specific length PEGs at various molecular weights and with select architectures (linear or branched type) and functional groups such as maleimide, Boc, azide, as well as amino group and carboxyl group by applying our synthetic techniques developed for standard activated PEGs.       

Furthermore, we have reliable test methods to determine the exact purity of the single molecule PEGs with their terminal activity and the number of EG units.

The single molecule PEG linkers dramatically improve solubility and yield in the process of ADC preparation. In addition, the use of PEG linkers for ADCs can prevent aggregation derived from payloads hydrophobic interaction and improve stability in storage.





Molecular weight: 1555.66

Molecular weight: 1530.65

Molecular weight: 1581.65

X = 8 Molecular weight: 441.51

X=12 Molecular weight: 617.72

X=8  Molecular weight: 541.63 *make to order

X=8  Molecular weight: 717.84 *make to order

X=8  Molecular weight: 592.63 *make to order

X=8  Molecular weight: 689.71 *make to order

X=12  Molecular weight: 768.84 *make to order

X=12  Molecular weight: 865.92 *make to order