[Continued] 5. SS-cleavable and pH-responsive Lipid Like Material (COATSOME® SS-Series)

• Degradation of COATSOME SS-OP

   High degradable type COATSOME® SS-OP


2-6_SS lipids_degradation of SS-OP

SS-OP was completely degraded by addition of Glutathione.


• in vivo toxicity in comparison to a competitor lipid

2-7_SS lipids_in vivo toxicity of SS-OP

In the hepatotoxicity marker, SS-Cleavable lipid clearly shows biological safety in comparison with non-cleavable lipid.


• Application

COATSOME® SS Series enables delivery of various compounds in vivo by features of its intracellular delivery ability and biosafety. SS Series particles can encapsulate pDNA, siRNA, mRNA and hydrophobic low molecular weight
compounds, and has been proven in delivery targeting tumor, spleen, lymph node and brain. In the following we will introduce hepatic siRNA delivery data, hepatic mRNA delivery data and lymphatic mRNA delivery data for RNA vaccine
application as examples.


Hepatic siRNA delivery

2-6_SS lipids_Hepatic siRNA




2-6_SS lipids_Distribution

• Example of Application 

Hepatic delivery of mRNA

 2-6_SS lipids_Example of application


• RNA/DNA vaccine 

2-6_SS lipids_RNA&DNA vaccineSuccessful stimulation of cytotoxic immune-response were observed after a single S.C. injection.





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