6. SS-cleavable and pH-responsive Lipid Like Material (COATSOME® SS-Series)


SS-cleavable and pH-responsive lipid-like material for gene delivery and nucleic acid delivery system

We have developed COATSOME® SS-Series lipids for effective intracellular delivery and lower toxicity. COATSOME® SS-Series contains dual sensing motifs that can respond to the intracellular environment; tertiary amines respond to an acidic compartment (endosome/lysosome) for membrane destabilization, and disulfide bond that can cleave in reductive environment (cytoplasm). These two units synergize for efficient intracellular delivery of encapsulated drugs with enhanced biosafety. 


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• Proof of concept

   Particle formation

   Serum resistance

   Membrane disruption in the cells

2-6_SS lipids_Membran disruption

The particle composed COATSOME® SS Series is stable in serum, hence enzymatic degradation of pDNA was prevented by encapsulation.
Also the particle composed of COATSOME® SS Series was effectively destabilized in the cytoplasmic environment.