12. PEGylation Service

Customized PEGylation of Biopharmaceuticals

PEGylation is an established tool to increase potency, half-life and solubility of biopharmaceuticals.
NOF / Celares offer customized PEGylation services for the development of PEGylated drugs.

Our services

  • Exploration and establishment of PEGylation process
  • Process development and optimization for the production of PEGylated drugs
  • Development of analytical methods for PEGylated drugs
  • Production of Proof-of-Concept materials


For research and development of therapeutics

  • Synthesis of tailor-made Activated PEGs
  • PEGylation screening and characterization of conjugates
  • Optimization of PEGylation and purification process
  • Development and pre-validation of analytical methods
  • Supply of PEGylated drugs for in-vitro and animal studies


Advantage of working with us

  • Experience in both PEG and proteins technologies
  • Extensive know-how in the PEGylation of drugs
  • Freedom to use Activated PEGs
  • Work is performed at a reasonable time and cost
  • Full development services upto clinical phase



PEGylation Feasibility Studies

PEGylation is an established delivery system for biopharmaceuticals, such as peptides, proteins, antibody fragments, aptamers, domains and other biologics. PEGylation can significantly improve the pharmacological and physicochemical properties of drugs.
NOF, together with our partner Celares, can support your PEG-drug development work at a reasonable timeline and cost.


Scope of work

  • Investigation of PEGylation strategies
  • Screening of different PEG-reagents
  • Development of reaction conditions
  • Development of purification methods
  • Preparation of PEG-drug conjugates
  • Characterization of PEG-drug conjugates



  • PEG-drug conjugates for in-vitro and in-vivo testing
  • Certificates of Analysis for conjugates
  • Final report




Requirements and time lines

  • 25 - 50mg of the biopharmaceutical
  • Typical feasibility studies take 1.5 months.




If you are interested in our PEGylation service, please feel free to contact us.


Advantages of PEGylation


PEGylation technology can be used for modifying biological compounds such as cytokines, antibody fragment, interleukins, hormones, oligonucleotides and some of proteins and peptides.


PEGylation can be effective in :

  • Improving Bioavailability
  • Prolonging Blood Circulation
  • Maximizing Pharmacokinetics
  • Lowering Immunogenicity
  • Decreasing Frequency of Dosing

NOF provides high-performance activated PEGs for PEGylated drugs from early development stage to commercial use. We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing high-quality methoxy polyethylene glycol, a key starting material of activated PEG in the pharmaceutical field. Our activated PEGs have a narrow polydisperity and a low diol content with a wide range of molecular weight, ranging from 2kDa to 80kDa.