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2. Bi-Functional PEGs

Bi-functional PEGs are the most popular derivatives for cross-linking between proteins, enzymes and other pharmaceutical substance. Recently, these PEGs can be applied for Hydro Gel components for base matrix of iPS cells or EPS cells in tissue engineering.


H2N-(CH2)3O-PEG-(CH2)3-NH2, Mw 1,000   

H2N-(CH2)3O-PEG-(CH2)3-NH2, Mw 2,000   

NHS-OCOCH2O-PEG-CH2COO-NHS, Mw 3,000 *make-to-order

NHS-OCO(CH2)2COO-PEG-CO(CH2)2COO-NHS, Mw 3,400  *make-to-order

NHS-OCO(CH2)3COO-PEG-CO(CH2)3COO-NHS, Mw 3,400   *make-to-order

NHS-OCO(CH2)5O-PEG-(CH2)5COO-NHS, Mw 3,400 *make-to-order

H2N-(CH2)3O-PEG-(CH2)3-NH2, Mw 3,400 *make-to-order  

HS-CH2CH2O-PEG-CH2CH2-SH, Mw 3,400

NHS-OCO(CH2)3COO-PEG-CO(CH2)3COO-NHS, Mw 10,000   

NHS-OCO(CH2)5O-PEG-(CH2)5COO-NHS, Mw 10,000   

Maleimide-(CH2)2CONH(CH2)3O-PEG-(CH2)3-NHCO-(CH2)2-Maleimide, Mw 10,000

H2N-(CH2)3O-PEG-(CH2)3-NH2, Mw 10,000